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We are a group of professionals  with a vast knowledge and experience in the fields of  Cost and Management , Direct & Indirect Tax, Company Law matter, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Goods and Service Tax, Project Financing, etc.

We feel there is a need to cater proper guidance to the students and members of CMA and other profession as a supplement and  as a good gesture and gratitude towards our own Institute for which we are standing here.

The experts associated with this site is eminent faculties in their respective field from various industries and contribute his/her experience, knowledge with a view to develop Cost and Management profession and to help CMA students  and members in particular and others in general.

We are no way connected with any Institute and  do not have any affiliation ship or authorization  from any professional institute in India and aboard.

This is also not a platform to promote any person or a group of person for his or their vested interest or for any religious and political causes.

This site is free to use now and will remain free for ever. No charges will be levied from any user for whatsoever service he takes except paid services.


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This site is launched from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India